Danelle Terblanche

With an eye for textiles, design and scale, Danelle specializes in creating distinctive spaces, combining antique and modern elements of style in a way that’s at once contemporary and timeless, embracing the use of bold colours and patterns to create the ultimate whoow factor.

Interior Decorating Services include:

  • Being involved with your home building project from the planning to finishing phase.
  • Office layout planning, corporate branding and specification of finishes.
  • All soft furnishing, accessories, wallpaper specifications and curtaining.
  • Interior consultations.
  • Custom wallpaper design & printing.
Although I follow upcoming trends closely and try to apply the latests forecasts to my designs I also firmly believe these wisely spoken words:
“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style”.
-Billy Baldwin
Let’s work together to design a joyful, cohesive, inspiring space. One that’s a reflection of YOUR unique personality, interests and day to day needs.